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  jinzhou longway machinery co., ltd. specializes in producing non-standard machinery and equipment, services for the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, chemical industries. main products include high-speed service in the pharmaceutical industry, single and roll plate blister cartoning production line; automatic multi-line sachet packing machine, soft double aluminum packing machine production line series of single and boxing; automatic small pocket in the bag production line; automatic bulk bags order, cartoning production line; automatic ampoule bottles, vials, cartridges cleaning, drying, filling, sealing series of single and production lines.

  services in the food industry soft bag-packing stand-alone high speed, automatic cartoning production line; coffee packing line; online bag and pre-packed bags and single production line.

commodity industry, high-speed ointment filling, cartoning, wrapping single and the production line.

companies adhere to the people-oriented, keeping world-class technology, providing customers with cost-effective equipment for the targer to achieve our customers, employees, business value of the three co-exist.